A social Network Portal for Lease Transfer. | Gopikrishna Pavuluri

A social Network Portal for Lease Transfer.

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This is the hackthon project we have done at UT Austin.


When a national/international student get admit to the university the next things come to mind is space to live? And starts looking for the rooms available near university, to find the rooms one must highly relay on the WhatsApp groups (limited number of users in group and should have an invitation link to join), and the facebook groups (which are out of hand with so many groups available). We want to build a single place community that connects the student who is searching for room with the student who is willing to transfer his lease.

What it does

This application connects students who are transferring their lease with the students in need.There are two major functionalities. create a post for the room with a university tag and search for the room by university tag. While searching the search will happen by university name all the rooms that are available at the university will appear as a result.

How we built it

  • Fire Data Store,React Js,Firebase and Github work flows.

Challenges we ran into

  • Initially we started with the docker and spring boot containers,There are many infrastructure configuration we had to do
  • we moved our entire infra to google app engine ,we had to learn and understand it quickly
    Google cloud Sql not accepting the connection from local,we spent so much of time to figure out but there is no luck
  • The last option of was to chose the firebase, we had learn firebase and code back same logics again in compatible with the firebase and react.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

  • We have learned and tried three different technologies(Spring boot with containers,Google App engine and firebase in short span of time.
  • It is not easy task to build complete microservice architecture in short span of time,but we managed to come up with the MVP.

What we learned

There are so many technologies we have explored and learned throught the hackathon

  • Firebase
  • Docker containers
  • Cloud PostgreSql
  • FireBase
  • FireStore
  • GoogleAppEngine

What’s next for Academic Lease

We have to implement the student room search and scale the service to containers

Link to code Github